Capital Raising & Venture Finance

Raising capital in form of debt and/or equity is in our DNA.


We advise on both the investor and investee side of investment rounds.


We leverage our extensive experience and industry knowledge to help you raise the capital you need on competitive terms. 


More importantly, that experience ensures that those deals are closing as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Some of our services include: 


  • Review corporate structure

  • Conduct desktop due diligence 

  • Liaise with tax specialist to optimise tax flow for the company and its investors.

  • Negotiate and prepare Term Sheets

  • Advise on employee shares schemes, employee options plans and other incentive arrangements

  • Negotiate and prepare Shareholder Agreements, Subscription Agreements, and Vesting Agreements

  • Negotiate and prepare Convertible Notes

  • Negotiate and prepare SAFE 

  • Provide company secretarial services to the board including board/shareholder resolutions for example for share splits (subdivision of shares).

  • Review private placement Information Memorandums