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If you are starting your own E-Commerce, AI, or VR service, or just starting up a new business, we can help you.

We offer cost effective and stress free solutions. 

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Why choose Schiller Legal?
  • Fixed-fee.

  • Fast turnarounds.
  • Specialist lawyers from mid and top tier firms.

  • We provide customised solutions, not just off the rack templates. 

Our experiences includes: 
  • Website, Sales and Data Privacy Terms.

  • IP Protection solutions.

  • Employment Advice, Agreements and Solutions.

  • Commercial Contracts, i.e. SaaS Agreements, Licence Agreements, Service Agreements, Distribution and Resell Agreements.

  • Business Set up Services including: Shareholders Agreement, Founders Agreement, Vesting, and Contractor Agreements.

We are fast, cost effective and efficient.
We can deliver all legal services online.
How it works
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The initial telco is free. Speak with us and lets us understand your needs and objectives. 
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Receive details of the legal services and a quote for your review.
3. We deliver the Work 
Get the final work within a few business days and a follow up conversation.