Dream Big. We got your back.


We guide you through every stage of your growth. 


We work shoulder to shoulder with you to achieve your vision. We want you to succeed and do our best to achieve your goals and milestones. 


We become extensions of your team and serve as trusted business advisers, not just as legal counsel. We provide invaluable insight at this critical stage. 


We have guided many founders and emerging companies on company formation, equity structures, investor negotiations, IP rights, and other issues.


Every day, we advise clients with regard to:


  • Due Diligence on the company (a formal legal investigation which helps confirm that a business investment or acquisition will be beneficial to the investor or buyer)

  • Review of corporate structure including personal shareholding to get investor ready

  • Vesting arrangements

  • Shareholders’ agreement

  • Advise on Crowdfunding

  • Structuring employee share schemes and option plans, vesting schedules, acceleration triggers, contractual restrictions and other features to align employees’ and employers’ incentive and retention goals and performance objectives

  • Employment Agreements and Contractor Agreements

  • IP Assets and advice on IP Assignments

  • setting up triangle company structure (holding company and operating company and IP company)

  • setting up discretionary/family trust